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A Reintroduction

Allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Eric and welcome to the DeaconsDen. I’m working on expanding my blog so I’m taking part in a Blogging 101 course. So I just wanted to use this time to better explain who I am, since I have been on WordPress a few years now. 

I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I love my four sports teams regardless of how they are. Go Sixers, Flyers, Eagles and Phillies! I also am a huge fan of film, video games and comic books. And also a huge fan of film scores. I am a newlywed approaching 6 months of marriage to my beautiful wife Jessica who shares my love of things popular culture.

This is why I call my blog DeaconsDen, it just a place where you can chill. I pretty much cover anything that I see and want to talk about it.

So hopefully this has given people a better look at who I am. Thanks for stopping by and more content will be coming soon!

One response to “A Reintroduction”

  1. Wonderful post, Eric. You and your lovely Wife look very happy! Very proud of the work you have done thus far on your page and I am very honored and lucky to have you as a regular contributor to Vic’s Movie Den. Much continued success in the future bro! 🙂

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