The last time I reviewed a game it was for “The Walking Dead season 1” from TellTale Games. (You can read that review here) Now I’m back with another game from TellTale worth playing. 

“The Wolf Among Us” is based on a comic book series called “Fables” by Bill Willingham. It takes place in a part of New York called Fabletown where various fairy tale characters live normal lives. Just about anyone you can think of is here. The Big Bad Wolf, also known as Bigby is the main protagonist in the game. We also meet Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Ichabod Crane, Mr. Toad, one of the 3 Little Pigs and so many more. Keep in mind that this is not your typical Disney variety fairy tale. This is a mature game.

The game is centered around a murder mystery that Bigby, as the sheriff of Fabletown, needs to solve. Like “The Walking Dead” before it, this game is a story and your choices dictate not only how the events of the game play out, but how you are viewed by the characters around you. At the start of the story, Bigby is not particularly liked amongst the citizens of the town. As you progress you will be faced with various decisions, should you let someone live or kill them? Should you treat a prisoner with dignity or torture? Do you show mercy to a beaten adversary or show him who runs things? All these can be answered based on you as an individual. “The Walking Dead” had me in the role of a man who suddenly had to care for a child and the difficulty in protecting one you care about over the welfare of others in a deadly situation. Here we have a man who is trying to do his job to protect people, yet the people he is protecting despise him. TellTale has done great with these games lately in putting the player in the shoes of the characters.

If you were a fan of season 1 of “The Walking Dead” that same level storytelling is presented here. It has actually gotten me interested in reading the comic series now. I highly recommend “The Wolf Among Us.” It is available now for just about any platform from gaming consoles, PC and smartphones and tablets. 



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