A fantastic review of THX-1138 from Anna at Film Grimoire. I think that fans and even detractors of George Lucas should see this at least once.


thx_1138The feature directorial debut of science fiction aficionado George Lucas, THX 1138 (1971) is an Orwellian-style adventure. In a mysterious and unnamed future dystopian society, the population is controlled by drugs and invididuals are forbidden from feeling emotions. Worker THX 1138 (Robert Duvall) lives with his roommate LUH 3417 (Maggie McOmie). The two begin to rebel against their rigid society, putting them both at extreme risk. Do they choose to escape? Or do they choose to conform?

I am really not a fan of Robert Duvall, as his performance in The Handmaid’s Tale (1990) has scarred me for life. However in his portrayal of THX 1138 he does elicit a sufficiently sympathetic response from the viewer, ensuring that a connection is made. You do really barrack for THX as he attempts to figure out his life and position within society, going to extreme lengths in order to do so. Maggie…

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