Deacon’s Den Top 5: Most Recommended Animated Series

Here is my newest contribution to Vic’s Movie Den. Today’s focus is on 5 Animated series that I totally recommend you watch.



Hi gang, Vic  here to introduce the latest Contribution for Vic’s Movie’s Den. It is from Eric Jones of “Deacon’s Den.” Eric has kindly written up a very cool post about the Best Animated Shows that he feels you all should be watching and enjoying. I can confidently say that the list is very accurate and pretty varied. I hope you all find one show or more that may interest you!

You can drop by Eric’s very cool page: “Deacon’s Den” HERE

TOP 5 Most Recommended Animated Series –

By Eric Jones

We really are in a “Golden Age of Television.” The quality of various programs on the air now is something we haven’t seen before. One thing that people seem to overlook however are some equally quality animated series. I think the problem that most people have is when discussing programs of this nature is…

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2 thoughts on “Deacon’s Den Top 5: Most Recommended Animated Series

  1. Thanks for the re-blog, Eric. You did an incredible job on this post. I am very grateful and fortunate you decided to take this one on. These are all great picks and the inclusion of Spectacular Spider-man is inspired!

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