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Interviewing the Fictitious: Wonder Woman

Have to share this one. A fantastic post placing Wonder Woman on the couch.

Dave's Corner of the Universe

pants For the record I like the pants.

I have to admit this place is impressive. I am standing in the large marble building which is the Hall of Justice, headquarters for the Justice League of America. Now like an genre savvy fan I know that this is just the earth bound facade for the League, that the real work is done high above the Earth in a satellite called The Watch Tower, but hey I am thankful they let me in this far. Scanners check and recheck the one item in my red back pack.

My escort is a crimson colored Robot called the Red Tornado. He shows me the reflecting pools and the many monuments to the League’s accomplishments. It is all done in a neo-classical style that is both overwhelming awe inspiring, yet simplistic enough to make it seem like it’s not one giant shrine to self-aggrandizement.


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