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New Entries to Second Chance

Hopefully everyone has been enjoying my Second Chance series thus far. I have been having fun myself revisiting some of these films. I still have a few of the first group to watch, but I do want to add a couple more to the schedule.

Hulk Directed by Ang Lee- 2003
The Island Directed by Michael Bay-2005

3 responses to “New Entries to Second Chance”

  1. Curious to hear what your second chance thoughts are of Lee’s Hulk. Just watched it myself recently.

    • I find it interesting. Cause last time I remember watching it, I thought this is what comic fans want now. The introspection, the heavy thinking. Yet maybe they weren’t ready then. Hopefully I have great things to say and it holds up for me

      • Ah, ok. I will wait for your post and then I will share my thoughts with you. Enjoy your weekend, Eric. Maybe I’ll see you on Twitter tomorrow, man!

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