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Review Captain America: The Winter Soldier


It may sound strange, but Captain America: The Winter Soldier seems to be the movie that is the catalyst for a lot of major events. That seems quite a bit for Captain America who isn’t the major attraction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but rather one Tony Stark who is the crowd pleaser. However, Cap’s second outing improves upon the first entry Captain America: The First Avenger and by time it’s over has serious reprecussion throughout the franchise heading forward.

I think the first thing to say about this film is that it’s not really a superhero movie at all. And that’s not to say because Captain America has no superpowers. I do in fact consider him a superhero like Batman mainly because of the circumstances they find themselves in. This movie is much more spy thriller than superpowered blockbuster like The Avengers or even the first Captain America movie. It basically takes a less is more approach and it works perfectly.

The thing about Captain America besides being a man out of time is that he is also out of his professional realm so to speak. He is a operative of S.H.I.E.L.D under Nick Fury. The situation is Cap is a soldier and he works for an espionage/intelligence agency. So this cause some strain between him and Fury in regards to trust. This makes sense as Steve Rogers would feel that his superiors would give him all information needed to complete his mission, whereas Fury would feel the need to compartmentalize that info.

Eventually the organization is compromised and Cap along with agent Natasha Romanoff(Black Widow) go on the run to find out how and why.

This movie has the makings of a 1970s spy thriller/chase movie with the two main characters on the run. Plus it also has Robert Redford who was a staple of those types of films, as SHIELD head honcho Alexander Pierce.

I found this movie quite engaging and fun. It has a less superhero feel than the other films in the franchise and I find that a little relieving. Mainly because this element was able to be pulled off and it didn’t slow the film down. It isn’t until the end that you have your major effects heavy battle and all that.

This movie also has repercussions throughout the MCU by having the effects of what happens here crossover into the show Agents of SHIELD. I’ll save you trouble. See the movie then watch the pilot of the show. This way you know the characters then skip to episode 16. The rest in between is pretty bland.

Great action, good performances and high stakes make this the best of the Phase 2 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I would certainly check this one out.

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