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From Parlor Of Horror: Top 5 Horror and Sci Fi Sequels that Rock!



Top 5 Horror and Sci-fi Sequels that Rock!

By Mike

from Parlor of Horror

Most sequels don’t come anywhere near the spirit, quality and greatness of the films for which they owe their namesake. It’s just the nature of the beast – we’ve already seen what’s behind the curtain. The wizard is exposed and the magic is fading. It’s not easy to get the cat back in the bag, but every once in a while, lightning strikes twice. (If I use one more cliché, I’ll hold the record for the most in one paragraph.)

On to the movies:

5) Poltergeist II (1986)


It’s hard to believe there would be anymore to the story. Instead of rehashing the theme of a home being built on consecrated ground, we have a false prophet that let his followers die at his hand, rather than question their faith in him. Kane…

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