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So you’ve finally watched Pulp Fiction…What do you do next?

My take on Pulp Fiction as part of my contribution to Cinema Shame

Cinema Shame

My Cinema shame for February is a serious one indeed. Whenever in discussions with my film loving friends there can never be a moment that Pulp Fiction is not mentioned. There is not a conversation that can happen without having the greatest film of all time according to some be brought up. Genius. Masterpiece. Magnum Opus. These are just some of the words used to describe Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar winning 1994 film.

Now that I have finally seen it, am I officially on the bandwagon? My answer is no. Now before I am crucified, let me say that I did not dislike the movie at all. I just did not love it with all my heart and soul as so many others have.

I have finally seen all of Tarrantino’s work. And I am a fan. However when it comes to overall enjoyability, Pulp Fiction is lower on the list…

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2 responses to “So you’ve finally watched Pulp Fiction…What do you do next?”

  1. I have yet to see Basterds and I thought Death Proof and JB were just meh which makes PF high up on the list for me. But not before the Kill Bill films. I love those way better. Nice post!

    • I’m with you on Death Proof Vic. I saw Grindhouse in theaters and after having fun with Rodriguez’s Planet Terror that was such a letdown. So much incessant talking. That’s part of what didn’t impress me with Pulp Fiction. I never cared for seeing long stretches of regular conversation. It works for Seinfeld for a half hour but not for a film for me

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