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The Weekly Bond Countdown: #3 – Casino Royale (2006)

One of my top 5 Bond films ever!

Confessions From A Geek Mind

casino_royale_xlg While watching the Everything or Nothing documentary, Barbara Broccoli recalled an important conversation she had with her father, Cubby. He said, “Whenever you have a problem – go back to Fleming.  Go back to the books.”

This was the basis for how Casino Royale came to be.

Casino Royale was the necessary reboot of Bond and the only way Casino Royale could be fully realised on screen.  Die Another Day disappointed not only critics but also Bond fans alike.  But getting Casino Royale off the ground was not going to be easy, and it stems right back to when the book was first published in 1953.

Ian Fleming always wanted Bond to be adapted for the movies.  Unfortunately the studios could only see Bond as a TV series.  Frustrated, Fleming sold the rights to Casino Royale cheaply which later prevented Broccoli and Saltzman from making it the first Bond feature…

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