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From Michael Cavacini: A Movie I Love…That Most People Hate! “Die Another Day” (2002)



A new post for:  “A Movie I Love That Most People Hate,” comes from my good friend and regular Vic’s Movie Den column contributor, Michael Cavacini. He stops by The Den to share with us a personal movie that he loves!  For this entry he discusses the much maligned James Bond film: “Die Another Day” and the reasons why you should probably give the movie another shot!

Make sure you stop by Michael’s great Blog page and check out his articulate Movie and Book reviews, among other interesting topics.

You can visit Michael’s page here: http://michaelcavacini.com/

“Die Another Day”

By Michael Cavacini

In 2002, I saw my first James Bond movie in a theater, Die Another Day, which was the 20th in the series and it celebrated the 40th anniversary of the 007 film franchise. Despite the negative reviews, Die Another Day

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