Walking The Spiritual Wire Part II

Part II

“It Don’t matter that some fool say he different…” – Season 2 All Prologue

1 Peter 1:3 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

This is probably my second favorite quote from the series. Probably because it comes from the episode with the best title in the series. It is spoken by the character D’Angelo Barksdale to a group of prison inmates while he is serving a 20 year sentence. He says this during a library group meeting for the prisoners. They are discussing the literary classic “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The discussion was aimed toward the concept of a person’s decisions they made that have led them to their current situation. D’Angelo, who was in prison because of his actions as a crew chief for a major drug organization points out that Gatsby made himself out to be this, that and the third. However, Gatsby thought that be creating a new life for himself, his past never occurred and that he escaped his “previous life.”

One of my pet peeves is when I hear people say, “I need a new me, a different me.” That particular phrase bothers me because, you are who you are. What you did in the past is just as much a part of you as is your present and future. You do not let it keep you from moving on with your life, but rather embrace and accept the actions that have led you to this moment. The title of this episode was “All Prologue.” It was properly named in that it refers to the concept that all the events in an individuals life are a prologue to their current situation. That’s what makes this quote so memorable to me. A character felt that he was trapped by his past. In theory he had a point. But it was all just prologue. The story is not finished.

A christian, at one point in their life, was not a christian. Whether you were a child, teenager, young adult, middle aged, or senior citizen when you accepted Christ into your life, there was a time when you were away from God. And sometimes people do not let you forget what you have done. They could be doing this to taunt you, or to remind you that who you are is simply because of what you have been through and what you are currently going through. As I stated earlier, it is just the beginning, the prologue to the situation you are in right now.

One thing people like do is use the comparison of their past to the concept of using the rearview mirror in their car. We say you always leave things behind. But that is not the only time you use that mirror. You use it every, single time you drive because just as there are vehicles always coming up behind you, the devil will send something your way. And what he sends may not actually creep up on you, but be used to distract you from what is directly in front of you.

1 Peter 1:3 says that God, “In His great mercy” has given us a new birth. This does not apply to just when we go through our baptism, new members classes, right hand of fellowship, etc. It does not stop there. Our new birth continues even as we breath right here right now. When we have trials at work, school, home, and yes even church, God is constantly working at us. If our stories were meant to end simply because of what we did you would not have survived the vices that once dominated your life, the alcohol, the drugs, the violence, the laziness, the running the streets, working your tail off on finding new ways to get by. Your new birth continues every second of every day until your last.

We all had a past. We all have in the present, we all will have a future. God knows what you’ve done. God knows what I’ve done. My errors are not moments in time that I have wasted and neither. They were not half of our stories, they were just the opening. It’s all prologue to where we are in Christ now. The past is a part of us all, it made us who we are, but always remember…the story is no where near over.