Notes On The Film

A few notes on the film. No spoilers will be posted.


Christopher Nolan – Director

3 Main Characters:

1. The Young Man

2. Cobb

3. The Blonde Woman

3 appearances of Young man – incarnation

1. Scruffy
2. Shaven
3. Beaten up

3 break in’s
1. Girl with man
2. Young mans
3. The blonde’s

Styles copied from this film to later big budget films:

Character complexity
Non-linear story telling
Film Noir style cinematography

***Added Note***
Character of Cobb could be a foreshadowing to the development of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character also called Cobb in Inception.

Week One: Following

The first film we discussed was “Following.” It was the first feature film directed by English director Cristopher Nolan, director of 2010’s “Inception.” Released in 1999, “Following” is the story of a young aspiring writer who begins to follow people for inspiration. He gets involved with a gentleman named Cobb and the story begins to take a turn from there. The film has a disjointed story structure which has become a signature of Nolan’s films. Made for only $6000, Nolan had many family and friends to fill in as cast and crew. However, the film’s success gave Nolan respectability and a bigger budget for his next film which acted as his breakout film, Memento. Nolan would then go on to become one of Hollywood’s most sought after director. His success with Batman Begins, The Prestige, The Dark Knight and most recently Inception, proves that Christopher Nolan might have what it takes to combine the big budget studio flick and the artistry of cinema.

Hidden Gems of Film Masters

I am currently in a night class and the topic is Hidden Gems of American Film Masters. The class is dedicated to the more overlooked works of great directors such as Elia Kazan, Stanley Kubrick, Spike Lee and Robert Altman to name a few. My class is seven weeks and this week will be week four. So I will be blogging my thoughts on the films and if anyone has seen or has any comments feel free.